Thomas John, psychic medium, NY

A GREAT recommendation for a natural intuitive healer for both people and animals! I had a personal reading with Tami, and she was able to validate many things about a relationship situation that I was going through. I found her to be accurate and very caring in her nature. I took notes during the reading, and many times she picked up exact phrases or words that applied to the situation. Her process is very unique, and I found it to be tremendously helpful.

Barb, Canada

In our sessions, I find that Tami guides and directs me on a path of clarity and understanding.  I always feel safe in her presence and feel that she unites and connects me with my spirit. I come back to the space of an unfailing sense of my own value and worth and knowing that all is well. I come away more grounded, calm and relaxed...Tami is my GPS guide to my inner truth!

Steve, NY

Tami has the ability to see beyond just the basic issue. She leads you through a process of self-introspection in a gentle way. She is able to intuitively understand what is deep inside you and lead you to your next important discovery. She meets where you are, and I have always felt very comfortable being totally honest about myself with her. After working with Tami, I am always able to see my own situations in a new and positive light, which always opens me to deeper love of Self.  

Tera Thomas, writer, Animal Communicator, NC

In the years I have known Tami, I have found her to be a trustworthy, honest, and loving friend. I have seen many animals and people come to Tami for help, and she always welcomes them with kindness, compassion, and wisdom. She has the ability to see the immediate needs and the bigger picture at the same time - not an easy feat. Tami is one of those special human beings - she makes the world a better place, and she enriches the lives of all who have the good fortune to cross her path.

Melissa, NC

I reached out to Tami when my primary relationship crumbled suddenly following my rescue of a dog that had been hit by a car. Everything in my life felt like it was falling apart, and I had a new dog in the picture to boot! Tami helped me see the connection between the situation with the dog and my relationship with my partner. After my session with Tami, I felt relieved and, surprisingly, grateful for the recent "explosions" in my life. I felt better able to move forward in my power, rather than feeling knocked around by life.

Michael, NY

Tami is my go-to person anytime I reach a crisis point in my life and feel lost. I'm in the middle of a move, divorce, custody battle and career change. Working with Tami has kept me from losing myself as everything in my life shifts. Tami helps me "see into" relationships. I'm not as reactive, not as ready for a fight because I can look at things differently now. Tami has shown me how. I can feel in my gut that what she says is true, and it feels like peace. I am in the eye of the storm when I work with Tami.

Monica and Miss Chloe

I wanted to give you some feedback from our session yesterday. I've had time to process our conversation.  The birds that you referenced in the beginning of our session, I believe, refer to my propensity to photograph birds of all types here in Florida.  I didn't make that connection until I received some note cards today that I ordered and had made last week. Every notecard had an image of some kind of bird. I have ordered the holy wood, and I'm looking into the flower essences. Oh, and I moved some stuff around in my kitchen and it seemed so natural, and yet odd, as I rarely move things around in my house. I wanted to thank you once again for all of your help with Miss Chloe and me. I feel more grounded and centered, and that really feels good.

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