SoulSpeak Sessions

A SoulSpeak session can cover any subject or issue you may be experiencing. Here are the top four types of sessions I typically explore with my clients.


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Session Type #1: Life In Transition

Life In Transition

$150/session or 3 SESSIONS @ $375

More often than not, clients seek me out at a time when their lives are in transition -- their relationships, home life, career, sense of purpose, health, and/or finances have reached a crisis point. In addition, clients find me when they have reached an internal turning point, even if life on the outside is going smoothly, and they find themselves asking deep questions. These people have “souls in transition.” Often, at this point, a person’s soul is breaking free from the trappings of a life they think they “should” live and instead is reaching for true meaning, purpose, and self-awareness. Again, the SoulSpeak process allows us to dive beneath  life crises on the surface and uncover the gems of clarity, truth, and freedom that the Soul seeks to express.

Do you have life situations or challenges  you need more clarity on?

Do you want to understand your relationships better?

Do you need guidance on career moves?

Have you lost your sense of joy?

Would you like to connect with your soul purpose?


Session Type #2: SoulSpeak with Animals


SoulSpeak with Animals

$150/session or 3 SESSIONS @ $375

SoulSpeak applies to both people and animals and can greatly help clients understand their animals on a deeper level. Our animals mirror our own lives -- that means they reflect back to us the very challenges, emotions, and spiritual growth we encounter.  One of the richest experiences we can have with our animal friends is to be aware of their purpose in our lives and their own — that is, their soul path. Many times they act out under-the-surface emotions, exhibit fear-based behaviors due to past traumas, and even show us patterns we need to change in our own lives. They also show us how to live in joy despite outer circumstances. As it turns out, animals are just like you and me. Through my conversation with the client, I am able to gain a bird’s eye view of the situation and also receive impressions, messages, and feelings from the animals themselves. My vast and varied experiences with animals over the years also provide the basis for me to offer practical advice, in addition to spiritual insight.

Would you like to connect more deeply with your animal?

Do you want to understand why your animal is in your life?

Is your animal exhibiting a behavior that is confusing?

Do you want to explore how your animal’s soul path intersects with your own?

Are you grieving the loss of an animal?


Session Type #3: Healing From Grief

Healing From Grief 

$150/session or 3 SESSIONS @ $375

Many people find me at a time in their lives when they have just lost a loved one or are facing the imminent loss of a loved one -- animal or human. Through the SoulSpeak process, we are able to look at what fears, traumas, and emotions feel stuck -- ones that keep clients from moving forward. Clients are able to connect through their hearts to understand what has happened from a higher perspective.

Do you need help navigating your personal grief process?

Do others not understand your feelings of grief over the loss of a pet?

Do you need help connecting the dots with what has happened in the past and your life as it appears now?

Do you feel isolated?

Do you want to connect to your own heart wisdom?


Session Type #4: Creating the Life of Your Dreams


Creating the Life of Your Dreams

$150/session or 3 SESSIONS @ $375

SoulSpeak doesn’t just apply to trials and traumas -- it’s also  a surefire method for discovering what we really want. Often our dreams lie dormant or trapped under the busy maintenance of our daily lives, and it can take some digging to unearth them. Through our conversation, clients are able to discover qualities they can easily bring into their lives  to begin moving in the direction of their dreams. The good news is: it’s easier than you think!

Do you want to identify and bring your dreams into reality?

Do you feel in touch with your heart’s desires?

Do you have goals that seem out of reach?

Do you feel in tune with your natural creativity?

Would you like to harness the power of your imagination to manifest the life you want?