Creating the Life of Your Dreams

If you can dream it, you can do it. ~ Walt Disney

One of the greatest manifestation tools we all have at our fingertips is the ability to dream. How often do you dream? Sometimes? Every day? Never? As kids we dreamed a lot. Nothing kept us from dreaming big; back then it was called imagination, and we were encouraged to use it liberally. Somewhere along the line, though, dreaming got pushed aside as we attended to more important matters — school, homework, college, career, family, making a living. Dreaming, we were told, doesn’t pay the bills.

But what if I were to tell you that dreaming is the missing ingredient to a successful and fulfilling life, and that if you spent just five minutes a day dreaming about your life in a pleasing way, you would start a positive chain of events that would play out the rest of your life? What if I told you that dreaming is the key to your imagination, which ignites your spirit, broadcasting an energetic message to the world?

Dreaming can come in many forms — daydreaming, talking about your new ideas, drawing, writing. All forms are valuable, and all are effective. Whenever I teach “Creating the Life of Your Dreams,” I always encourage people to get into groups and for five minutes tell each other what their dreams are. Before long, the room is noisy with voices as they tell each other their secrets — ones they’ve kept to themselves. The room sounds suspiciously like a kindergarten class at recess with everyone talking at once. As it turns out, our spirits are just waiting for the chance to be heard.

Next, I ask them to write their dreams down — the ones they’ve dared to utter, dared to voice to the world. Already energized from the previous exercise, they immediately start scribbling, hurrying to catch their dreams before they evaporate. This is the part where the room gets quiet except for the pens hitting the paper. The air is abuzz with ideas as imaginations run rampant and free. It is intoxicating.

Once that exercise is completed, I ask participants to once again share their dreams with a partner — someone they have not previously worked with. They are surprised by the detail that came from the writing exercise. Writing opens up the channels for spirit to speak through us, unencumbered by our natural defenses. Without exception, dreams uttered in sharing turn into words that create a picture of potential and possibility and promise.

Take a chance to ignite your imagination by dreaming frequently. Speak your dreams out loud to the stars. Dare to write them down. You will be amazed at synchronistic events, chance meetings, and unusual gifts that will come your way simply because you dared to dream your world into being.

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