Energetic Confessions

How to tell what someone is hiding.

Have you ever read books that talk about body language and other unconscious behaviors that help you determine what a person may be thinking or feeling — you know, what they don’t say out loud or hide in some way? We are all energy readers to some degree; we have the ability to intuit when something feels “off,” or people don’t seem to be telling the truth. We want to be able to “see” who we are dealing with. Interestingly, we want others to be transparent so we can know where we stand, but we don’t always practice transparency ourselves.

So, I will share a secret with you. The ironic thing is what I’m about to tell you is NOT a secret. What I am about to tell you is right in front of your nose. All the time.

Here’s the secret: people will tell you exactly what it is they don’t want you to know! They will do this unconsciously as they talk — their words point you in the very direction they don’t want you to head. Yeah … there was some truth in the story about Pinnochio.

For instance, I was having a conversation once with a popular pet trainer, one who had had much local success. She took care of several animals of her own as well. When I looked at her animals, they looked sick and undernourished. I asked her about them.

“What’s going on with Bella’s weight?” I asked.

She nervously grabbed Bella by the neck, hugging her tightly, “loving on her,” and exclaimed, “Oh my poor Bella! I took her to the doctor, and he told me she had anemia! But we don’t know why! He gave me some medicine (she rattled off the names) and told me to come back in two weeks. I love her so much!”

On a variety of levels, this felt “off” to me. For one thing, I had known this person to have uttered things like, “I hate Bella! She barks way too much. I wish I could give her away.”

(Note: she had rescued Bella, who was emaciated, from a shelter.) Now, Bella looked emaciated again. Also — the hug was way, way overkill. She never touched Bella, much less hugged her! And the loving sentiments she uttered. Yuck!

Remember this quote from Shakespeare’s Hamlet? — “The lady doth protest too much.” My spidey-senses went up; her words were too inconsistent with her behavior to be true. In the end, I found out the truth — the pet trainer and rescuer was an abuser herself. In her professional life, she was celebrated as a wonderful advocate for animals, truly skilled and gifted. In her personal life, she left a trail of starved and neglected animals hiding in the shadows of her abuse.

Now, I read energy like some people speak different languages. Energy has its own language. But one thing we all have is a “Bullshit Meter.” And with this pet trainer, mine went off like a 5 alarm fire!

All we have to do is be good listeners, which means we are present in the moment, listening with all our senses, letting them go to work for us to pick up untruths, inconsistencies, bold face lies.

Try this out today: watch some of our political figures. (I won’t name names.) Listen to what they say. Pay attention to their words, especially the ones they repeat, the ones they really want you to hear, the ones they want you to believe. You will find that the very thing they are denying verbosely is the very issue to be seen. They literally tell on themselves. Not just some of the time. Every time.

Now you know the secret that’s right in front of you to see and hear. Become an energy reader today; it will help you see the truth underneath the words.

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