If You Give Your Mind a Job…

When my kids were young, I read them lots of books. Of course, they had their favorites, just like we all do. One of their favorites was If You Give a Mouse a Cookie by Laura Numeroff. As the story goes, a boy gives a little mouse a cookie. The mouse then begins a cascade of requests, starting with wanting a glass of milk to go with the cookie. He then asks for a straw to drink the milk, a mirror to avoid a milk mustache, a pair of nail scissors to trim his hair in the mirror, and a broom to sweep everything up. As the story progresses, the little mouse has more and more requests, each one linked to his previous request, and by the end of the book, the mouse looks at the refrigerator again and wants another glass of milk! The little mouse runs the boy ragged with all his requests!

Each thought links to a previous thought, creating a chain of connected images, ideas, and feelings.

I love this story, for it is a perfect analogy for what happens with our minds. Thoughts pop into our minds one at a time, sometimes in rapid succession. Each thought links to a previous thought, creating a chain of connected images, ideas, and feelings. This chain quickly forms a path or direction, which we often follow mindlessly. Most of us are pretty sloppy with our thinking. We let thoughts run amuck, especially negative ones, and we end up in the bad neighborhood, the bad part of town. Then we scratch our heads and ask how we got there!

So, how can we get to where we want to be? How can we head in the direction of our dreams? How can stop going in circles and actually arrive at our intended destination? How can we get our thoughts to stop running us ragged?

Step One: Check in with your heart to see what you desire. You can literally feel if your heart’s desire is in line with your highest good and your soul’s purpose. Once you line up with that, ask your intuition to scout ahead for opportunities to fulfill that desire.

Step Two: Enlist your mind to help by giving it a job. Its job is to support your intended desires by working with your intuition to bring you ideas, opportunities, synchronicities, people who can help. It will jump for joy at the opportunity to show you how smart it is! Your thoughts then head in the direction you want to go. If you veer off course, simply hit your mind’s reset button. It will recalculate its position and, like a good GPS system, return to the most direct route.

If you give your mind a job, then your mind becomes a servant to the heart and its desires, and you will never be led astray.

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