The Green Splat

Your portal for growth and transformation

Every night I hang out with my lab, Cookie, and we watch a little TV. It is a sacred time for us — pal time. We sit down and watch Rick and Morty, a late night adult animated sitcom on Adult Swim. Rick is a mad scientist, and Morty is his gullible but sweet grandson. Together they get into all kinds of mischief and have adventures at home and intergalactically. Cookie and I find the show fresh in its creativity, originality and humor. There is always a deeper meaning embedded in the plot — a life lesson of sorts.

One of the most creative ideas presented is that of “the green splat.” Rick has a portal gun that he uses to travel with Morty from one place to another, which allows them to escape dangerous situations and go between different universes, dimensions and realities. He points the portal gun toward anything — a wall, a tree, the air — and a green splat appears and becomes a portal for them to go through. Then, just in the nick of time, they jump through and disappear into the green splat.

Every time we get close to true change, a portal opens in our lives.

I love the creative metaphor of “the green splat,” for it represents something we all face — portals or openings that are opportunities for transformation. Every time we get close to true change, a portal opens in our lives. That portal comes in many forms — new opportunities, creative ventures, new relationships, challenges. Portals even appear when there are endings in our lives. This is because contained in every ending is a new beginning. The trick is to be able to recognize portals, those secret openings that will lead us to our new self.

We are in an unprecedented time of “green splat” portals, glorious windows of opportunity to transform our lives one opening at time. Will there be fear? You bet! Jump through anyway, for as quickly as the portal appears, it just as quickly disappears. So, grab your portal gun, folks! The time for growth and transformation is now