The Best Seat in the House

Higher altitude views pay off.

Early morning is a magical time for writing or meditating or catching moments of great beauty. As I have written before: “Life happens in the present moment, not in the past nor in the future. If you pay attention to the details in your day-to-day experience, everything becomes a message.”

I do pay attention to details and follow what Laura Day, author of Practical Intuition, teaches: “Notice what you notice.” In other words, what looks like an ordinary scene at first glance can reveal a greater depth if you take the time to “catch the moment” by noticing it.

In these photos, the new day is literally dawning and from that vantage point, everything is possible. Higher altitude and potential go hand-in-hand — always revealing in plain sight what can be discovered in the ordinary moments of our lives.

The photos even remind me of the song, “Always Look On the Bright Side of Life” from Monty Python’s Spamalot. Once that song drops into my head, it continues in a loop the rest of the day! I don’t mind, though; this song is one mantra I could stand to hear over and over.

So, as usual, the animals know what we have yet to learn.

“Hang outside with us,” they say. “We always know where the best seats in the house are. And our view will help you see what we see — a world where peace is only found in the moment of now.”

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