We All Seek Balance

I recently adopted a 6 month old puppy named Sprout. She is a spunky little girl and a delight; however, she is also a puppy, which means there is a new kid in the house, a new baby. What do babies do but turn lives upside down to start with? Well, Sprout has done just that by constantly needing reassurance someone is nearby, eating at odd times, pooping in the house, playing at times she should be napping, wailing when she doesn’t get her way. Yeah, you can see the picture, right? I have a theory with animals, and I think it is also somewhat true for humans: it takes approximately two weeks after a new one comes for things to feel more balanced and sane. That seems to be the gestation period or learning curve for the animal to get adjusted, learn the surroundings, make new friends, establish connections and figure out this is home. At the magic two week mark, something wonderful happens. Not only does the animal “settle in” for good, but so do I. It is something you can see, but it is mostly what you feel. You just know a shift has occurred. Even the animal can feel it.

Within chaos is inherent order.

Here’s the good news: even when you think everything in your world is upside down and everything is “out of whack,” there is an inherent and natural balance at work on a very subtle level as all the puzzle pieces get thrown into the air only to land in the form of a new picture. Within chaos is inherent order.

Take a look at your own life. Whether you’ve had a hard blow or you’ve just won the lottery, you’ve sought to shift the experience into a recognizable picture that fits within the framework of your life. Balance can take a little time or it can show up in as little as two weeks. No matter what, we naturally reach for and ultimately obtain our new footing, our new balance. We all strive to land on our feet.

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