Random Acts of Compassion

There is always a spiritual perspective to every situation.

I was sitting at a busy intersection. It was mid-day, and cars were rushing in all directions. Out of the corner of my eye, I saw movement and heard, “Oh no! Stop him! Help! Help!” A lady was screaming and flailing her arms. And with that, a little brown dog ran straight into traffic. As if in slow motion and right before our eyes, a car came racing through the intersection and hit the little dog, sending his body flying into the air. All of us watched in horror as the he flew up and then down again, hitting the pavement hard. The lady who had been screaming jumped into her car and screeched off.

As soon as it happened, I knew what to do. All of my life, I have received instant downloads from a higher source — guidance that directs me to help in whatever situation I’m needed. My hand reached for a beach towel I had just purchased. I jumped out of the car and started running. Then, something miraculous happened — every lane, with cars going in all directions, froze. It was as if a switch had been flipped, and time stood still. There was silence as I ran toward the little dog who lay dying on the street. No horns honked. No vehicles moved. Complete stillness. Traffic lights changed and still no movement. When I reached the dog, he let out a last gasp and died. I scooped him up in the towel, holding him close, and ran back to the car. The minute I closed the door, all of life went back into action. Life resumed its normal movement — cars racing in different directions, lights changing, people honking their horns.

As traffic started flowing again, I looked at the little dog now in my arms and wondered what had just happened. His body was still warm, and I held him closer. I wondered if he had belonged to the woman who had been screaming. I wondered if he had escaped from the shelter, which was a block away. I wondered about his name. I wondered if anyone would miss him.

If any of us is loved for even a minute in our lives, we are “lucky” indeed and rich beyond measure.

It was a quiet drive to the pet crematorium. I swallowed hard and wiped away tears. It all seemed so senseless. Yet, I knew there was a higher purpose; there is always a spiritual perspective to every situation. The name “Lucky” came to me, and with it an understanding: if any of us is loved for even a minute in our lives, we are “lucky” indeed and rich beyond measure. I was also shown an overview picture of all the people in that intersection who had seen Lucky get hit and then had immediately witnessed a random act of compassion — one that does not happen often. I had the sense they didn’t leave the scene without feeling changed in some way, without their hearts having opened, if only a little. I knew mine sure had.

At the end of the day and at the end of our lives, we will be “lucky” to have experienced true, unconditional love even for a moment. And a moment is all we need to share that gift with another.

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